Project: Low Carbon Heating in the Eden Valley and Westmorland Dales

eQuality Heat is working to establish the level of interest by residents and businesses within the Eden Valley and the wider Westmorland Dales area to join community based low carbon heating schemes using ground source heat pumps and local renewable energy generation. The aim being to help reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.

We are also supporting other local communities in the north west, including Chipping Community Energy, and Barnacre and Bonds, with their plans to transition to high efficiency low carbon heating systems.

The ability to develop these community based local heat networks offers a more cost effective and efficient solution for rural communities. By improving access to government grant support and by developing economies of scale, these community-based projects are working to remove barriers to adopting modern high efficiency low carbon heating systems and to make rural energy more affordable.

Using the latest and most efficient technology, ground source heat pumps can effectively heat most properties. Combined with local renewable energy generation these systems will also help to reduce your dependence on high-cost grid energy and help reduce your energy bills, particularly if you currently rely on older and less efficient heating systems, or on electrical heating.

If you are interested in transitioning away from carbon-based heating then please complete the following energy survey. Whilst this does not commit you to anything, it will allow us better to understand the demand for low carbon heating in your area, and it will allow us to consider your property and community as our part of our growing plans to develop and expand community heating networks.

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